Delhi. 42 degrees. 2 strangers. And a stimulating bumpy ride in a crowded local bus.  Hands.  LUST. Eyes.  FANTASY.  The obstacles to love  between the aisles, mistaken assumptions, and a hunky competitor  that  everyone seems to want. What follows is a comedy of errors which lead to a light hearted and funny climax.

OPEN SESAME (48 hour film project)*

"Open  Sesame"  is   a  story   of an  unaccomplished  man whose world transforms after an interesting buy from a  local market  that opens  up a magical  doorway for him.  This film was made for  48 hour film  project challenge in Delhi and was awarded for best story.

                                                                                                                                   *in collaboration with others

Connaught Place,  New Delhi.  11 pm.  Dark,  Shady  &  Deserted.  A  man is  cruised  by  another  man in one  of the many  corners of  CP.  After  exchanging  a few  glances,  they decide  to  go to an  abandoned  building  nearby for  some  romance.  As  the  two  men  find  themselves  engulfed  in  passion  and  ever  lasting  lust,  they  meet  with disappointment  because  they realise they  don't have a  condom. Without giving  up any hopes, the two  strangers decide to go out on a  "Condom-Hunt" in the middle of the night, wandering and kissing from one corner to another. They meet with disappointment everywhere they go, yet the two men  seem to enjoy each others company and not let go. Is it a  mere condom  thats holding them  together  all night, or is  it something else?  What do the  two men really want from each other ?

Meant  to  be a  prequel to  "LOST & FOUND",  The  happy-go-lucky  JIMBO  manages to  raise  a  small flutter  by  inadvertently  forgetting  his bag at the      bus  stop.  What  follows  next is a  bizarre turn  of  events.