What are we all about?  We are a bunch of restless people, infatuated with the idea of the 'new'. We don’t desist from exploring newer and better way to push the boundaries and explore fresh film making technologies. We are passionate about films, and don’t really discriminate between a travel show and a corporate film. For us, each project gives us the opportunity to do something new and fun.


Why Short?  Unless you’re obsessed with size, why not? The great part about a short film is that you don’t have popcorn break! It’s that engaging, clever and compact! It’s the dum dum bullet of film making, goes in small, but leaves a lasting impression.

shrenik austria.jpg

Shrenik J, Creative Director

Shrenik loves storytelling. Ask his  dad, he’s  tired  of  those.  Jokes apart, Shrenik loves the camera and can capture every emotion  and  every  point  with it.  He  made his  directorial debut when he was 19, with  "Lost & Found", that won  him  several  awards and  accolades  from  around  the globe.  Although his first  love remains fiction,  he is  equally good at  Travel  Documentaries and  Corporate AVs.  He has also worked with NDTV for 4 years.

For the people still not convinced, here's a list of people who pitch in from time to time. We work with some of the best people around, right from the ones handling the camera to editors and graphic designers.

Sajid Akbar
Editor & Colourist

Bhim Singh

Agrim Kohli

Pratap Singh Papola


Subhash Patil


Munish Kanwar

James Scott Edwards
Concept & Ideation

Shikhar Prasad
Music Director

Chetan Jaiswal

Ankita Bhasin